Friday, November 13, 2015


" Happiness comes in so many ways, and it only takes oneself to own it "

November the 13 2015:

HI!!! Here's a quick update on Prom. Had Prom last night and It was amazing especially getting to celebrate my 18th birthday together with all my friends. I had an amazing time with everyone! My friends and I danced our hearts out to every beat of the song that was played and everyone else on the dance floor too was crazy and I never thought some of my classmates had it in them to dance and be free! Definitely the best birthday I had so far!

 Anyways, thank you to everyone that wished me yesterday! And my dress is from Uniqlo! Here are some of the pictures from last night! Alright that's all for today's post guys hehehe!

Thanks for reading ;


" Blessed with the amazing friends around me thank you for showing me which are the true ones "

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