Saturday, November 7, 2015

November November

" Everyone hides sadness with a smile "

November the 7th 2015 :

Hello my lovely readers, gosh, I've been away for the whole month of October mainly because I was so busy and caught up with life I didn't had time to elaborate on it. But anyways, life has been pretty crazy lately. Just last month, I won 2nd runner up in the ITE Carrie Models competition. Everything changed after the competition because slowly great things are happening to my life. I managed to be on front page of Berita Harian which was a pretty big thing for me and what's even greater is being an Ambassador for Singapore Fashion Runway, wow. Truly I am happy with all of these minor success and will continue to work harder! Just want you to also continue reaching for your dreams and never give up and take every failure as a motivation and never let negative words and people stop you from doing what you love. 

And woohoo November is finally here and you know what that means right?! Hehehe yes it's my birthday month and what's interesting this year is I'll be turning 18 and my PROM NIGHT falls on my birthday too! Sooo excited even though I'm kinda curious what my friends have in plan gosh! But anyways  do check out my instagram for my birthday dress/prom dress!!

And here are some shoots from yesterday's photoshoot! Thanks to @Triipsss for wanting me to be part of his portrait shoots. You guys can check his work out on instagram!

That's all for today's post!! 
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