Saturday, September 26, 2015


" If failure is what motivates you to success then I guess I'm doing it right"

27th September 2015:

Hey, just going to elaborate on my day with my babe! Fetch her from school and then we headed out to grab lunch! I'm really starting to love this seafood stall at Orchard Plaza!!! After lunch did some mini shopping just to clear our minds because the week had been really confusing and rather upsetting but I know all will be good soon. 
I bought this really beautiful halter dress from Uniqlo!!! Massive love for it and I can't wait to wear it out for dinner or something hehehe. 
After which, took some shots around town and Victoria Theatre! Always sucha beaut. 
After taking some shots, we headed to Serangoon for Waffles!!! AHhh the waffles were super yummy and the portion was perfect!! You all need to try them!!! It's located at Serangoon Circus!!!  
As usual my ootd just someting simple!! If you're wondering where I got my ootd I've already tagged them on instagram!! 

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