Thursday, September 3, 2015


" They say when you let go, better things comes your way, and I did"

3 September 2015:

Wow, just wow! I haven't been updating in such a long time and I thought why not I update it today. Omg I've been hella crazy with life I just never really had the time to sit down in my room open up my laptop and update my blog. But since life is going on a slower phase than before, I can finally update! Anyway, just wanted to update on how my life has been lately, if you followed me on my social platforms, you would know! I've been busy with school, work, modelling and whatever not! I don't even have the time to rest sometimes how crazy! But now I've put work aside I feel that the load in my life has gone less heavier than it used to be. OH and tmr i'll be flying off to BALI! Yes finally travelling this year! Really excited for tmr hehehe and all that's gonna happen in life later............. 

Oh, and thank you to this wonderful human being who's now playing a part in my life, thank you for making me the happiest I can be. And also thank you for the naked palette! I can't wait to try out all the colours! Be sure to check out my makeup when I post pics when in BALI!

You all take care now aye.

Till here my lovely readers ;


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