Monday, September 7, 2015


Welcome to Part two! 
So anyways, day 2 was much more happening because I went to the coffee plantation trying out all of their coffees and also batik factory how they make man made/on hands batik! For lunch, I headed to Bebek Joni and it's definitely the most beautiful place I've ever eaten lunch at hahaha oh and I didn't really fancy the food as much as the scenery but over all I enjoyed myself definitely an insta worthy place mwaahahah! 
After lunch, we headed to KUTA BEACH it was a long ride to reach Kuta but worth it. You'll see a lot of shops at Kuta where they sell things just like Bugis! But I didn't really came for the shopping so I only bought a few clothes like the ali baba pants and this really cute tank top!  I don't want to elaborate too much here so I'm gonna end the post!

So that's the end of my BALI POST! 

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions 
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