Monday, September 7, 2015


" Near or far, travel, just travel and see what life has up for you "

September 7 2015 :


Woohooo! I'm so excited for this post because I wanted to share it with all of my lovely readers!!!! As you know, I went BALI!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh Bali was truly amazing, everything about Bali makes me wanna stay longer! 
So anyway let me elaborate more on my trip!

ps; this will be the first post there's a second post!

Our flight was delayed for one hour so we were kind of late hahaha but sokay, this is my first time in Bali and I must say, the airport the people and the ambiance just wowz me. WHY? Firstly, the toilets in the airport are really clean, the people there are really friendly plus they don't make you feel uncomfortable I don't feel scared walking alone to the shops because I felt safe. You don't have men looking at you like they wanna do something to you hahahaha! And I just knew that in Bali most of them are Hindu and they're so rich in culture that it made me culture shocked! So after that we had our personal tour guide to drive us to the VILLA! The villa was just beautiful!!! You can look at the pictures below!! If you all are wondering what villa it was, it's actually called "Asa Villa" good customer service, friendly workers and also there's wifi mwahahahaha we even got welcome drinks! 
After checking in, we headed out to have lunch by the beach because Bali is well known for their beautiful beaches. In Bali, once it's 6+ it's already really dark, like 8pm Singapore kinda dark and when it's only 5am it's alrdy 12pm Singapore kinda sunny hahahahaha. Our first day was kind of short bcos we arrived kinda late.... but that's all for this post! 

NOTE: Everything was taken by my iphone6 

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