Saturday, July 25, 2015


" Sometimes things may seem hard today, but a little bit of patience could bring you to places"

25th July 2015:

Hello my dear readers! Wow, been so long since I updated my blog! So here I am hehehe anyway went to the HR yesterday to model for my colleague who's now a colour stylist! Congrats to you Mel! Okay, the reason why I hadn't been updating so much is because of school and work and since school has started I've became way more busier than I usually am......... But it's all going to be worth it in the months and times to come. Oh and great exciting news to share with y'all in the months to come!!!

Btw, DAISYPICKS has finally changed their name to KICKSXONLINE! Do check them out!!!

Thank you for the Air Jordan tee guys!!!! 

Use my code "SD05" for a 5% discount!!! Min spent of $75!

Do stay tune!! 


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