Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day out with my homie

" Put your shades on, embrace what you have and never let the world bring you down"

11 June 2015 :

Hi!!! So basically here's just an update post. Nothing much I wanna elaborate because right at the end of the post I wanna talk about the NYX makeup I bought the other day!! So anyway, I went out with my fav homie to catch a movie! Insidious 3 was sooo good!! Y'all need to watch it but it was scary as hell HAHAHAHA but the whole movie turned out to be a comedy movie for me and Filz because we kept making jokes in the cinema oh god it was sucha great laugh!! But yeah 10/10 for the movie yea!! Alright so that's my #ootd! 

Okay now read about my NYX post!! 

I'm not sure if I've ever told you guys this but I LOVE NYX!!!! I don't know why I fancy NYX more than other brands in Sephora. But anyway, I tried the stay matte and I must say it's been really good!! I love how it gives my face a soft and oil free finish!! Compared to the other compact powders that I've used before, NYX's stay matte has been the best so far and I totally recommend you girls to try it out! And the best part is, when taking photos it gives your face a nice soft look plus it's only $19 at Sephora how awesome right?!?! And oh yes I couldn't get enough of the Matte Lipsticks...... I just have a thing for matte because I find it sassy!!! But yeah you can get them for just $12 at Sephora as well!!! I'm also using the NYX's dark circle concealer because you know how horrendous my eyebags are :').......but I forgot how much it cost :( !! So yeah I guess that's all for today's post!!!! 

Thanks for reading loves!! 


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