Thursday, April 2, 2015


" It's never too late for a change "

2nd April 2015 :

: H E L L O :

Welcome back. Hey guys, surprise surprise! I finally changed my hairstyle! First thing first, I want to elaborate on this hash-tag "#NewBeginning" so after going through one of the most heart breaking moment of my life, I decided that I need a change in my appearance. I told myself in order to be happy, again, I needed to make myself feel good. I did it. After much pain and tears, I finally overcome them. I also would like to thanked everyone who supported me. Be it you're my family my friend or someone from Thank you so much. I'm stronger now and I actually would like to thank that person for putting me through a hard time and now I've became stronger. It's time to move on in my life and head on to a new chapter, a new beginning a new story in life. 

I would like to dedicate this post to those who are going through a heart breaking moment. Cheer up alright. Always remember when you lose someone be strong because you know you're a step closer to that someone special that's going to be yours forever. If you want to change your looks go ahead, you want to colour your hair go ahead you want to wear black instead of blue go ahead. Do whatever your heart desires  just don't get in trouble don't do stupid things take care of yourself and never ever let that person think they have won. You being happy is the sweetest revenge. 

I'm so happy with my new hair! I know some have asked me where I got it done, it's actually this salon near my area, ( totally can't remember the name ) but for the highlights, I got it done at Snip Avenue. 6/10 for Snip Avenue because when I got home I realize the dye was stuck in my scalp and it hurts like crazy I was so pissed off but nonetheless the end results was great. 

Alright that's all for today's post!

Thanks for reading ;

I love you all. 


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