Saturday, March 21, 2015

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" Sometimes we breakdown thinking it's because we're weak but in reality it's how we become stronger"

21 March 2015 :


I'll just do a quick update.. Okay so anyway, I recently had tons of photo-shoot ... I've been really busy with school and shoots. So here I am paying back the time on my blog hehehe. I just felt like blogging tonight because I love blogging so much and it's where I feel connected with other bloggers and my readers. So here's a pic from my latest photo-shoot. I've got two more upcoming shoots and I can't wait for the photos and everything. Hehehehe. How are all my readers doing? I hope you guys are okay. I just wanted to do a short appreciation post for my readers who've been there since day 1. The constant support and nice words you guys said about my blog has got me going everyday. Hehehehe. I hope to continue making more post and even better ones. :D Alright that's all for today's post. 

Anything ask me on my! 

: NEWS :

OKAY GUYS. I actually made a video on my skin care product and I've yet to edit them and everything. Do you guys wanna see it? If so, email me at or you can ask me on askfm!! hehehe.

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