Thursday, March 19, 2015

ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!

" What's more amazing than having to meet your idol "

14 March 2015 :

                                                                     : H E L L O :

Omg okay, first thing first welcome back to my blog hehehe! Sorry I haven't been updating much! But here I am now! Okay if you are following me on twitter you would alrdy know that I went for the One Direction concert last Wednesday. It was such a great experience having to see the boys live. They are such beautiful human beings!!! The concert was amazing and the boys could sing live really well I miss them so much!!!! My two favs are Niall and Harry!!! Hehehe. I hope they come back again!!! That's all for now! 

: N E W S :

I'll be having a flea market soon and I hope to see you guys there! Do come and support me hehehe as I have some clothes to sell away!!! And other stuff too! I will update more on the flea soon! 
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