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15 Feb 2015 :

: H E L L O : 

How are all my lovely readers doing? I hope you guys are all doing okay!! Hehehe okay so let's get on with today's post. So the other day, I was invited by Noah Tan, from IndoChilli restaurant to come over and try out the food available at the restaurant. I was really excited to try out the food because Indonesian food are always really yummy! So anyway, I went with my boyfriend to try them out together. The location was rather unfamiliar because I've never been to ZION ROAD before. If you're wondering where is this, I'll put all details below! 

Let's get on to the food part!!

I was greeted by a warm smile by the workers and I was served well. The waitress told me to choose anything I wanted, so I only chose ayam penyet bakar and ayam  curry penyet for my main dish. For the drinks, my boyfriend and I chose Mocha Latte and Strawberry Soda with ice cream. I ordered two desserts as well! 

 : M A I N  D I S H :

I purposely chose these two off the menu, because I know a lot of people enjoy eating ayam penyet!! Honestly at first I thought the ayam penyet was going to be just like any other penyet, but I stand corrected. They had a different pinch to it's penyet! It's really tasty and very pleasing and satisfying to the taste-bud!!! I'm giving a 100/10 for both ayam bakar and the curry penyet!! Not only are they satisfying and delicious, they are affordable as well. It cost $8.80 for ayam penyet! 

: D R I N K S :

Okay I really need to emphasis on the Mocha Latte!!! IT TASTED SUPER SUPER YUMMY! Like most mocha taste really bitter if you don't add sugar yourself, but here the mocha is sooo sweet it's like you're drinking sugar!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! The strawberry soda on the other hand, tasted delicious as well but I still kinda prefer Mocha on my table than Soda hehehehe.  

: D E S S E R T S :

Ahhhhhhh. I can't go on elaborating on the food without my mouth getting watery. Gosh the desserts..... the desserts was delicious as well guys. I'm not trying to be exaggerating or anything like that, but really this is one of the best desserts I've tasted in Indonesian Theme Restaurants and I must say I've not tasted something so yummy as these? I tried out this chendol thingy while my boyfriend tried out the one in pink. I honestly love and prefer chendol for my desserts. It was really sweet and soothing.  I love how the chendol and the gula melaka gives a very sweet taste... hehehehe definitely a 10/10 from me!! 

Overall, I enjoyed my experience eating at IndoChill. I definitely would want to recommend all my readers to come and enjoy this!!! You won't regret!!!!! AND YES IndoChill Is HALAL CERTIFIED by MUIS! So no worries! ;)

Location : 
54 Zion Road, 247779.

Before going, you have to make a reservation one day before.

                                           For more info CLICK HERE for their website.

It's actually located right around Orchard/ Plaza Sing! 
You can take bus 16 on your way or take a cab it only cost you around $6! 

: N E W S : 

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Alright thanks for reading ; 

L O V E 

S H A R 


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