Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Photo shoot #updates

" Nothing's more sicker than black and white " 

11 Feb 2015 :

: H E L L O :

I'm finally back with a fresh new post! So the other day I mentioned on twitter, that I was going for a photo shoot! Basically this photo shoot was to help out my friends for their internship. I had an awesome time indeed being their model!!!! 

If you're wondering where I got the top in the picture above, it's actually a self sewn top by Erwin himself! It's so nice I actually fell in love with it during the shoot mwahahaha! You should know where I got the shoes from! My pants was actually from a Flea Market from Lucky Plaza!!! 

For the Indie kinda look, it's styled by Akash! I really had a fun time shooting for the indie look though I don't really suit indie but I still loved it! You can check out his online portfolio ( links below) to see where you can get all of these clothing! 

You can check out more photos at their online portfolio

For Erwin's online portfolio 

For Akash's online portfolio

: N E W S : 

If you noticed, I'm actually doing some slight changes to my blog and my posting! Every post, I'll have this " N E W S " section hehehe! Btw you guys can now subscribe to my blog! At the right side of the site! Go check it out okay? So it'll be easier for you guys to know when you can read my blog when I update! And also, I have such exciting events coming up!!! I can't tell you guys now, but soon alright!!! OH and my blog has reached 17k readers!!!! It may not be much, but I'm definitely grateful. Many more post to come! Stay tune!

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S H A R 

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