Saturday, February 28, 2015

#8th hehe

" God made every women out of a man's rib cage, because near his arms she shall be protected and near his heart to be loved "

: H E L L O :

28th Feb 2015 :

Well hello there! Alright before I get on elaborating, I would like to apologize for the amount of mistakes on my previous post. It had so many typing errors :( !!! I've amended them btw. 

So anyway, today is a special day as it's my 8th month being together with my boyfriend hehehe. 
We went to Pasir Ris Beach for a mini picnic. I did a scrapbook for him with all our photos and printed those long ass meaningful messages. It was a success! Hehehe. IT WAS SUCH A HOT DAY TODAY I swore you could literally cook an egg on the ground......... HAHAH. I don't want to do a long post because I honestly have nothing much to talk about. My exams are coming so I would probably be really busy plus it's March it's gonna be a hella busy month for me!!! Which also mean late updates :((( 

: N E W S : 

You guys can now purchase food from Munch Salad Smith through online! You can now order their Chinese New Year Set!! 
CLICK HERE for the ordering form 

Also, Zalora is now having many promotions and sales! You can still use my code for discounts!!! 

Daisypicks are now taking orders for NIKE AIR T-shirts! The shirts are in superb quality and I will do a photo-shoot for it soon!! CLICK HERE for their website to check them out! 

OH AND GUYS MY BLOG IS REACHING 18K soon. Idk how to react haish! hehehe

That's all for today's post! Will like to apologize in advance if you see any typos or mistakes :((((!!! 


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