Saturday, January 24, 2015

Munch SaladSmith #food

" Let's dig in!" 
24th January 2015 :
Hello! And welcome! If you've seen my instagram, you would have already known about my trip to Munch SaladSmith at Orchard Gateway! Before I get on to it, here's some info about Munch SaladSmith! It's an outlet that is on the healthy side that sells Salads of different kinds! And also, SaladSmith is currently not halal certified, but no worries, there's no alcohol pork/lard plus I only tried out the Salads and the Salmon. If you're okay with it, you can come down for a bite! 

Moving on......

So yesterday, I tried out a bunch of different Salads!! My personal fav was the eggs and the pasta! Yes! They had this pasta salad thingy that was super yummy! All of it was yummy!! Coming from someone who doesn't really eat Salads on a daily basis I really loved it!!! 
Now let's elaborate about the Salmon! Omg guys the Salmon was really good. I'm impressed! The Salmon was cooked in such a way that it's made to be healthy! It's not heavy like the BBQ Salmon etc and it taste really light. Suitable for those who want to go for a diet or want to live the healthy life. Both the fishes tasted yummy definitely a 10/10 from me! You guys should totally try them out! Their prices are also very reasonable! The Salmon cost $14.90! While the salads are not too expensive either. 
If you've seen the third photo, that's actually a potato shaped into a heart how cute! I didn't really fancy that as much as the Salmon, but still a very unique way to serve your customers!It was good too!! I also tried out their coffee that tasted soooo good I'm not even kidding guys!!! It was really sweet and light and not thick! Or if you're a Snapple lover like me, they're available! 

Munch Salad also sells yogurt & fruit salads!!! 

Munch SaladSmith are having Promotions for VALENTINES and CNY!!!!!

SO DO COME NOW!!!! It's a MUST MUST to try out!!!!!!!

 I will elaborate more on that soon! 

If you're planning to go, here's the address for Orchard Gateway ( it's right beside the Orchard Lib at lvl 3)

Munch Salad is also available at 
- Robinsons 112
-One Raffles Place 
-Marina Bay Financial Centre
-Icon Village
-Paya Lebar Square
- Square 2
- China Square 
CLICK HERE for the address of all the places 

CLICK HERE for the website  

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