Friday, January 23, 2015

Modelling #Runway

" They say makeup is to cover up our flaws but why do we still get called fake? "
 23 January 2015 :
HI! Just going to update about the CCA Roadshow in school the other day! It was a great experience doing a fashion runway in front of the whole school!! Though I was really nervous, I managed to conquer all of my nerves/fears and negative thoughts!! I also met such wonderful people!!! It was really the best days of 2015 for me!!!!! Here are the photos from the CCA Fair!!!! 

OH! And do check out my post tmr! I'm doing a food post! So if you're a Salad lover or someone who wants to GO HEALTHY do read up on my post tmr!!!!!!! 

Thank you for reading ; 
xoxo and goodnight!

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