Friday, August 29, 2014


" Like the water my love for you is pure like the ocean my love for you is deep "
29th August 2014 :
Hey! Updating on my day at the Sea Aquarium last week! Sadly, these are the only photo I had in my phone!!!!!!! The pics with my girls aren't found!!!!!!! Nonetheless I had a fantastic time with my class!!! The place was AMAZING heheheh I saw so many beautiful creatures that I never thought existed?!?!?! Hehehehehhe!! It's just like UnderWater World but slightly nicer and bigger!!! It's kind of expensive tbh and totally NOT worth it. It's more for the tourist to take a look!! But if you want to go ahead and see these beautiful creatures you can come along to Sentosa to catch a glimpse! If i'm not mistaken the tickets are about $128? ( IM NOT SURE just saw a sign saying $128 ) correct me if I'm wrong!!! Hehehhehe
well alright then!!!
Thanks for reading!!

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