Tuesday, July 1, 2014


" keep the classy throw away the trashy "
1 July 2014:
HELLOOOOOO! Its already July!! Half a year just gone like that. Anyway, I'll just  be posting on my buys yesterday!! I've been looking for MOM JEANS for sometime now!! MOM JEANS are very expensive, well to me it is. But luckily NEW LOOK was having a sale and it only cost me $20 bucks :') from $60 to $20 is a big difference for me hehehehhe the photo of the jeans are below!! It fits me fine and the jeans are really pretty. If you followed me on twitter, I did mentioned about the holographic shoes that I got!!! I have like this mini addiction for holographic nowadays!! Anyway I bought that at Far East Plaza for $40 bucks hahah!! And I've alrdy know how to dress mom jeans and the shoes etc!
I'll be posting on "WAYS TO STYLE MOM JEANS" soon so if you want to read about it do check on my blog once in awhile!!!!! 
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Like usual any questions just ask.fm me!!!
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