Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Back to school supply!

" You can't focus without having cute stuff to school ! "
8th July 2014:
HELLO! Sorry for that wacky edit on the photo, I just wanted to make today's post more colorful and cute heheheheh! So anyway, school's gonna start next week for some of us! So I decided to get myself cute pens and notebooks to help me be more motivated for school hehehe don't you just feel contented when having such stationeries with you?? Well anyway here are the things I got! 
ps: I only bought what I "needed" heehee 

Moving on.............

So today I went out and head over to " The Paper Stone " shop. I went CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! They sold so many cute stuff that I couldn't resist I wanted to get every kind of notebooks and pens etc that they had!!! It was kind of expensive for stationeries, but worth the buy! I spent $11 bucks in total........... hehehe. The pens are damn cute they had little crowns and little heart shapes on them!! Though the quality of the pen wasn't 100% good it was alright!! I got myself a purple highlighter as well hehe you know me and my massive obsession over the colour purple!! I bought 3 different shades of purple! I got some for my sist too!! If you're planning to buy things for school you could head over to TPS! 

Moving on.......

If you know me personally or you've been a reader for sometime now, you would already know that I have massive obsession with the notebook sold at "TYPO"! Every year I'll buy new notebook from TYPO, their notebook just gives me this motivated feeling to study etc! I have many more collections of their notebooks kept. Recently I just got myself the A4 notebook! GSS got me crazy! Hehehehhe sadly GSS has alrdy left us :(! But not to worry you can still purchase them at $8! If you're too lazy to head over TYPO, i'll have their website linked below for you to shop yourself some cute notebooks for school!! While scrolling down, do enjoy me posing with my new notebook and also look out for this question that could win you some cute prizes heheheh !Well alright then I hope you're preparing your stuff for school too and happy schooling! 
Thanks for reading :

ps: Thankyou Cotton On/Typo for these amazing notebooks hehehhe!

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