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" Fashion Means Business "
15 June 2014:
HEY! It's Father's Day today! So happy fathers day to all daddies out there including mine! So anyway, just felt like blogging today. I was asked to do a post on denim jackets!! But before I start talking about it will just elaborate a lil on yesterday, went to celebrate one of my clique member's bday! Had an awesome time with my girls!!! 

Moving On........
I did a post on denims before last year, and I guess why not I start on a new post for this year.
Anyway, recently I was asked on how to match denim jackets, basically denim goes with everything. Yes, everything! Denims gives us this very rough look which I personally love a lot!! 
If you're planning to wear simple yet edgy looking, just pair up the denim with any plain t-shirt or turtle neck and put on a chain necklace like what I'm wearing in the below picture! You then want to wear high waisted jeans!! I advice you to wear a black HW! It's really nice!! Or if not, you can pair it up with a denim skinny jeans that would look nice too with a low cut boots or you can wear a bandage skirt!! If you're planning to be over dress, you might want to put on a dress! Yes a dress, any colour would do fine. But try not to pair it up with something that has too many designs! Just minimal designed dress would be nice! Because when wearing denims, we want to show off the denim and make it the attention!! You then can pair it up with either a nice looking sandals or those strappy heels you can get online!!
Oh! And it doesn't really matter if your denim is of a light colour or dark, but make sure to keep the outfit looking minimal and not to put on too much accessories!
I hope I have answered your questions and have helped a bit!!
ps: this are what I personally think is nice!!
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