Saturday, May 24, 2014


" not everyone that leaves our life makes us sad, it makes us happier "
24th May 2014:
HI!!!!!!!!! Finally back with a new post! (yay) so headed to town today, to went to take a look at them #yff!! Sadly, I didn't managed to saw my youtubers, but its okay I still had a very good time with my clique! Yes my clique! So happy that things are back to normal between us. Really miss them a lot. And having to spend time with them today was just great. Went for Kinect with them at cinie btw!! Omg hehehe been awhile since we kinect-ed HAHAHAH! So ya here are some of the photos, sorry I couldn't upload all of it, my laptop won't let me :((((((( !!
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend ahead! 
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