Friday, May 9, 2014


" sometimes the best things in life is smiling "
9th May 2014 :
HELLO!!! Wow wow it's been long huh since I updated!! Okay anyway, few days back, I was asked on what hairstyles are suitable for school etc. Sorry for this super delayed post, but anyway, since I've alrdy chopped off my hair, there's not much of hairstyling I can do! But nonetheless it never stopped me from being a little bit creative in styling!
Moving on..
If you're on the lazy side of the day, you might just wanna part your hair either centre parting or you could part them the way you like it. Just like how i've parted my hair on the above pic! Oh and my hair is naturally curled!! So that's kinda likka benefit for me hehe because I don't have to waste time curling my hair like last time........... because I used to had rebonded hair! I just comb the top part of my hair and left my bottoms to dry on its on! And walaaaaa curls starts to appear!! Do remember that you shouldn't wash your hair everyday!! As for me I don't wash them in the morning if I've alrdy washed it the night before, but not to worry, you can always buy a dry shampoo to let your hair looks smooth and get all the grease and oils out!

 ( ps oil is good for the hair sometimes )
Moving On.....
If you're not on the lazy side today, then you can just take half of your hair and tie it up! Then, you wanna brush the any tangles and let your bottom hair naturally sets on it's own. But I prefer putting a bow at the back or also a bandanna!! I loveeee bandanna!! Though I don't really wear them out!!
Alright that's all for now! 
Ps: I'll be doing a FAVS post soon! So do check out my favs and the products I've been using lately!!! 
Alright till my next post!
Thanks for reading ;

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