Tuesday, April 22, 2014


" Changes, its either for the best or for the worst "
22 April 2014:
Hey!! So I guess some of you had already noticed the changed hehehe! Yup I cut my hair :') because my previous hair was extremely dry and had a lot of split ends that made it difficult to handle at times, so I took up all the courage to chop it off! And the funny part is, I chopped it off in school :') and I had to skipped an hours lesson for this. HAHAHAH I thought I would make it on time but nope. HAHAHAH. But the good news is, it's only for $8 student price!!!!! The service was fantastic!! Hehehe the hair stylist was damn cute HAHAHAH ok sorry but seriously though heheh. So if you're planning to do anything to your hair, you can check out the saloon at College Central, Epitome!! Ps: I'm alrdy starting to miss my old hair A LOT..... but oh wells! Okay then thanks for reading!

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