Friday, April 18, 2014


" They told me I should keep smiling even when times get hard "
19 April 2014:
Wehey! Sooooo finally i'm back to blogging!! AHAH when was the last time I blogged? Weeks ago? So okay, these past days, I had a shopping self indulged therapy!! So I wanted to talk about the Bath & Body works product that I just purchased yesterday!! 
okay scroll down...
moving on

Strawberry SORBET candle!!!!!
omg guys I can't lie but this really smell just like the ice-cream itself!! I had a nosegsm when I entered the shop yest!! AHAH. Anyway, I've alrdy used it and my whole room smells like strawberry sorbet!!! I think it's totally worth it!!! It cost $32 for the big ones and $20 for the medium ones If i'm not wrong! 

Moving on.....

Pink Chiffon!!!!!
Okay, this has got to be the most yummiest body lotion ever!! I can't. It smells tooooo good!!! Not only that, it makes ur skins as smooth as a baby's bottom!!! This is the smallest bottle which is just for $8!!! 
So go and grab a BBW products today!! Oh oh !! And the customer  service there is awesome!! And if you're wondering where it's located, it's located at The Shoppes at MBS! Just look out for Sephora and you're there!! It's just next to each other. 

So happy weekends and thanks for reading!!

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