Sunday, March 16, 2014


" If she's happy, you know a guy was behind that smile "
16 March 2014:
Hey! Just wanna do a post since I'm bored. Anyways, I've been asked where did I went to get my photo taken. Well the above photo was at Raffles Hotel/Place some where there! It's a really nice place to take photography of course!! But the heat is insane! Oh! And I use VSCOcam to edit my photos!!! It's sucha great app!! Much love for it!! Oh, and if you want to know more about my personal photographer, she now has a blog!! She's new to blogging!! So do read up on her most every once in awhile!!
here's her link!!
Alright moving on,

So many a times, I've been asked on askfm to recommend them insta shops. To be honest, I don't shop online! Well, maybe once in a blue moon. Anyway, here's just a post on DaisyPicks16!
Yes, she's a trustworthy seller! She's really nice and friendly! And her items are really pretty and nice! And I personally love it! I have been sponsored by them and the things given to me are in good condition and are also very pretty hehe!! The NB shoes that I've worn for about a month plus are now still in good condition! I even use the shoes for my sports and wellness classes ( PE ) !
So, no worries ladies!! They are also selling things at an affordable price!! 
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