Saturday, March 15, 2014


" Every step we take, we are bound to fall "
15 March 2014:
HELLO!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOO! Finally, a photo shoot after so long!! Hehehehe!! Finally had the time for my "hobbies" HAHA. So anyway, went to town with my dear priska! Hehehe a big thankyou to her for being my photographer of the day! Her photography skills are crazy!! She can make Iphone camera looks like DSLR camera!! Hehehe well that's all I wanted to elaborate about!! 
Here's all the photos for today!!
Oh, my top was from my aunt!! So I'm not sure where she bought it!!

MOVING ON.......

DAISYPICKS16 having their VANS PREORDER!!!!!!!!!!
SO DO SUPPORT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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