Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just a little something :

" Life is so much more beautiful when you see it in a different perspective"
2 March 2014:
May peace be upon you. Hello! Just gonna blog on yesterday. So had an open house at my aunt's. Though I felt really awkward I still managed to had a very good time due to the prayers. Haha I don't know why but it just reliefs my soul and I even cried because it was very nice. Haha luckily people didn't saw!! If not I would be damn paisey. So anyway, the purpose of me posting today is just to talk about seeing life in a different perspective. Hahaha yea I know that now maybe most of us are having a hard time, but if we learn how to see life differently, maybe what you thought was "hard" is actually something you could or can conquer. Hahah sorry for this "emo" post. I just wanted to let my readers know that life is as beautiful as yourself. And no matter what happens, you know everything will be alright. Well that's all I just wanna say. Please smile, don't be sad.. because if we only focus on what saddens us, we would miss out what makes us smile. 
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