Saturday, March 29, 2014

Face Problems ~

" If I got a dollar for every time I smiled "
30 March 2014:
HEY! Wow wow it's been a week since I last blogged! So anyway, few days ago, I was asked how do get rid of dark circles and black heads. Well honestly, I have both! Yup. And I try to managed my black heads more than my dark circles....... hahaha! 
Okay, here's what I do mostly for both my "flaws"
For dark circles,
you might wanna use sliver spoons! I'm sure many of us has heard of this remedy. I've tried it a couple of times and I realize a changed. It doesn't really 100% takes away your dark circles, it so called helps to firm your skin because of the coldness from the spoon (ps: remember to store it in the fridge for some minutes ) it also helps your blood around the circles to circulate more better? Well that's how it felt! Hehehe. If you're afraid of getting a cold burnt, then you can use the highly used remedy which is putting cucumber on both your eyes! Yes, it helps too of course! After applying it, wash your face with your facial wash and your face will feel as clean as ever! But don't stop doing it, at least do it twice a day! When you're up and when you're heading to bed! 
Moving on ;
Black heads..... zzz I hate black heads! So anyway, how to take them away?  Sadly, black heads are not easy to be taken away. Even if you think there aren't anymore, there are still somewhere deep in your pores that are yet to come out. Sad truth huh? Haish I know! But no worries here are some ways you can keep them away. 
You can either purchase the blackhead strip removal from your local drug stores, or you can use honey on your nose. Yes, honey! I've seen some youtubers using honeys to remove their black heads and how disgusting that may sound, it really worked!! But before doing so! Make sure you wash your nose (or any other parts with blackheads) with hot warm water because it expands the pores so it's much easier to get them out!
Well I hope I've helped a little!!
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