Friday, February 14, 2014


" Valentines Day "
14 February 2014:
Hi!! Hehehe yes it's Valentines Today!! Which means, you'll be seeing girls with roses,teddy bears, balloons and etc! Hahaha! So had school today! School was great! Hahaha got a gift from my friend and from this really random guy today! Hahaha super awkward!!!! But thankyou very much for the Hershey's and Teddy Bear! I appreciate it a lot thought I hardly even know you. So anyway, after school went to take Polaroid shoots with my girls!! Hahaha so cute!!! And my very cute friend wished me Valentines HAHHA so cute!! OH OH AND AND GUESS WHAT!!!!! FINALLY I got to talk with Hazeeq!!!!! Omg it's been a really long time since we talked!! The last we talked was when we were in sec2!! ( Pics below ) see the difference between us now and then AHAHAHA ps I had to cover my face haish. OKOKOK So anyway, I had the best day of my life today!!! hehehehe okay, that's all and Happy Weekends!!
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