Sunday, February 2, 2014


" These smiles fades someday "
2 Feb 2014 :
HOLLAS !!!! How are you all doing? I hope you're fine. So anyway, went out yesterday to town with Sya then met up with Zylah! Hehehe miss them so much!! So went to town and window shopped and took some selfies, as usual. Then headed to sol's football match! Met up with him for awhile then headed back to town!! Basically just had a talking session with my girls cause we three were rather down lately but we're okay now yay yay!! School's tmr zzzz. Okay so btw I decided to decorate my locker in school!! And I felt like doing a video or a post on it!! Hahah what do you think?? Hehehe let me know on askfm ok!!
OH and I'm proud to say I've reached 7.1k readers!!! So damn happy!! Hehehe wookayy !!
Thanks For Reading !!

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