Friday, February 7, 2014


" Someday, dreams will no longer be a dream but it'll be reality"
7th Feb 2014 :
Hey! Finally I get to sit down on my study table and have enough time to blog today! So anyway, had school today as usual school's great plus super tiring! But anyway, i'm here to advertise on New Balance shoes!! Here are some new designs from DAISYPICKS16!! These designs are a little more unique than the normal NB shoes you've seen in my previous post!! So come and grab yours today!!! $32 per pair!!!
As usual, 
you can contact them through insta or email
Text/Ws them at 86063904!! 
Or follow them on IG @DAISYPICKS16!!
Thanks for reading!!

Such sweet comments!!! Hahaha idk why but I felt like I had to post this!! Lol xD hehe thankyou so much for that compliment xoxo!! 

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