Wednesday, February 12, 2014


" Sometimes, we think everyone is our friend, when the real picture is there's only a few that's true"
12 February 2014:
HEY! Oh dear god, it's been like 6 days since I last updated by blog! So sorry!! I've been so so busy with school lately!! So anyway, school this week is ok but super tiring!! So today had events in school and had this photo booth thingy!! $1 for Polaroid shots!! Then blabla had lessons and so!! Oh and yesterday  the cast of "The Lion Men" came down to my school!!! AND TOSH WAS SUPER HANDSOME AND HOT !!! And the best part is just the day after I went to watched that movie!!! Hehehe...... no lessons tmr due to Air Show thingy!! Yay!! Hehehe okay, that's all for today's post! And oh! Do check out my post for this weekend!! I might be doing a hair tutorial for school!! Simple and Fast way to style your hair!!!!!! 
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