Tuesday, February 18, 2014


" I got my eyes on you, you're everything that I see "
18 February 2014:
Hey, how are you guys feeling? okay? I hope so!! So anyway, just me with my updates hahaha! School as usual, okay.. hehehe. But today I'm damn tired though I slept early last night :-( haish, but nonetheless I did enjoyed school because of my fellow classmates and my friends hehehe. If you noticed, I deactivated my twitter because I wanted to concentrate on my work and not to be distracted with twitter and I managed to concentrate with my projects after 3 days!!!YIPIEE! But I'm not done with my projects because I have 3 projects to be done........ my god. So to inform you guys that I won't be posting much like how I used too! I really hope you guys understand!! Haish thought I truly miss how I put 100% in my blogging. Oh wells!! Alright guess that's all for today!!
Thanks for reading ;

I just made a carousell account!!!! 
you can follow me at shardianazxc!!!!!
Decided to sell my items there, a big thankyou to the annon who told me about this!!

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