Thursday, February 6, 2014


" Smile even if your days are dark "
HEYYYYY! So let me just elaborate on today, ps that photo above is a throwback! Okay, so today's lesson is damn lepak!! ( slack ) So had this Civil Defense thingy and all the abang2 NS men came to my school for some event thingy!! They had painting thingy ( from the pics below ) omg the guy who painted our faces was a cutie!! My friends and I totally fan girl over him!!!!!! Omg and he even photoboomed us HAHA Nickolas *.*!! Okay enough of that, omg have I mention how much I love my life skill teacher?! She's like sucha funny and lepak teacher!!!! And she doesn't drag her lesson!! Heheheh so yea then that's all. Been so tired with school haish!! And I've so many things to do to prepare for my project can I just cry omg!! Wookay that's all for today's post! And yipeee can't wait for the 9th!!!
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