Tuesday, January 28, 2014


" If I had a choice, I wish I didn't meet half the people I've  met in life "
28th January 2014:
Hey, let's just elaborate on school and then to my "thoughts"! So anyway, had school today, as per normal always having the best time with my bestfriendzone clique hehehe!! Didn't saw him today, hahaha awwwww :(! But nvm I'll see him tmr. Okay okay so basically today I've been feeling rather down and I've no idea why!!?? Like the feeling of being left. Lol. But whatever, I'm still blessed to have my besties with me in class so heck care about those who are shit to you okay? And if you're feeling what I'm feeling cheer up cause life's too short to focus on what you cry on, but to focus on what makes you smile! Hehehe I love you all. 
Hehehe well thanks for reading!!

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