Tuesday, January 7, 2014


" looking back at the past can either make you smile or cry "
7 January 2014:
Wazzups! It's 7th today and it's also the day of my fav number! So anyway, went out with my girls today because Amirah wanted to treat us! So we then headed to watch a movie at Marina Sq we watched Frozen! At first I was like "zzzzz of all movies" but the movie turned out to be really good! Enjoyed the whole movie!! Cause I was laughing so much with my girls we we're all like laughing the whole time and making fun of each other in the cinema!! hahaa well anyway went to GAP today! Bought a tanktop thank you to my friend for treating me! And well basically that's all!! Also met up with my mum and aunties after that! Haish have to wake up early tmr for school registration!! :( Well okay I'll update soon,
Thanks for reading !!
" only true love can melt a frozen heart -frozen "

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