Sunday, January 19, 2014


" doesn't matter what brand your kicks are,  just walk with style "
19th January 2014:
HELLO!!!!!! OMG OMG SO SORRY FOR THE LACK OF POST!! I've been really busy with school and been so tired lately :( I just didn't had the energy to actually blog. But nonetheless here I am!!! Anyway, I went out to JB with my mum! Had a great time with her though lol I experienced such weird stuff today! HAHH so anyway, there's school tmr yay yay yayize! Can't wait to see my classmates!! I've missed them a lot tbh HAAHHA! I'm always in my best moods when I'm with them tbh cause idk they just make me smile so much nowadays in life!! I've never seen life so colourful before!! Hehehe well okay, time to head to bed!! Hope you have a great day in school tmr and take care!!!
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Ps: here's some pics x

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