Monday, January 6, 2014

Updates ;

" Money can buy happiness, but money can never buy love "
6th January 2014 :
Hey! Damn, been awhile huh since I blogged!! So sorry, my laptop was being used for something haha! But anyway I'm back for more updates. I thought of doing another work out routine post today, since I was asked a few times on my work out routines and such, the last I posted about work outs was last year! But I'll do a new updated one very soon! But sorry for the delay of post :( ! I thought of doing a youtube account soon but still very reluctant as usual!! Hahahaha! But nonetheless I'll still be answering your questions here! School starts in a week! Super excited!! Hahah but still kinda scared about some things. But yea just hope for the best in school! Anyway, if you noticed I did pierced my ears again! Haha third hole! It didn't hurt a bit. But if I touched the stud it hurts a lil. Oh! I did went for lunch with my mum that day, and we had this red velvet cake that tasted awesome............ but...... sadly I forgot the name of the restaurant hahaha xD!! But the name of the restaurant was somehow named after the word "tomato" AHAHHA! 
Going out tmr with my girls to Marina! See you if you're heading there tmr lol :pp! 
What to wear tmr??? :( 
Okay till here,Thanks for reading!!

Oh ps: my blogshop is currently under some maintenance so it'll be back next month!!

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