Friday, January 10, 2014

Updates x

" Happiness, there's no price to it, but why does it sounds so expensive ? "
10th January 2014:
Just a throwback from last year's shoot. Anyway hello my lovely readers, sorry for the lack of post these days!  So lately I've been thinking, why not I just do a YouTube channel so it'll be easier for me and ya'll don't have to keep on reading such such long post when it comes to Fashion wise or like tutorials etc. What do you guys think? Yes or No? Let me know on askfm if ya'll want me to do YouTube vids! But i'll still be updating my blog every now and then! Trying my best to manage my blog now cause I'll be starting school on Monday and I'm as hell sure I'll be super busy with school and what not. But nonetheless i'll always find a time to update!! So don't worry okay!! Basically that's all for now!! 
Askfm me "yes" if you agree on me doing a YouTube account !!!
Here's my link ;
Alright, Thanks for reading!!

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