Thursday, January 2, 2014


" Life is simply short to be sad they say, but why do people still make other's sad? "
2 January 2014 :
Hey! So here's the second post of the year! Just gonna elaborate a lil here and continue answering your questions later on in this post! So anyway!!! I've got into the course wanted and I'm so happy about it!! Praises to god for letting me entering my dream course!! This is just the beginning of my future and I'm so excited to see what life has for me! Anyway, school has started for most of us and somehow I still feel as if it's still a holiday! Hahaha! Anyway starting school on the 13th! Kinda excited though! 

Moving on .....

So basically, I've been asked to do a tutorial about contact lenses for those who've just started using lenses and for those who've YET to try! Okay first, here's something to laugh about! The first time I knew about contact lenses I honestly though putting them on would actually change colours of things, like for example if the lenses is in pink I would presume everything around me is gonna be pink. HAHAHA how stupid was I!! Come on I was only 14 when I started wearing them! Heheh so anyway, you must first be brave enough to touch your own eyeballs!! Second, always always use your index finger to hold the lenses, remember, lenses have two sided, one is the wrong side one is the correct side, to identify which is which, try shinning the lenses to a bright lighted surface and you'll know it from there. Third, never ever hold your lenses when your hands are dirty, you might not see any dirtiness but those little particles are everywhere! Oh, and do not mix your solution! If your using a certain brand, dont you ever mix it with another brand, you'll eventually get your eyes infected and it'll be very reddish. I know that cause I've a friend whose been into that situation before haha!! And you're basically done, but make sure you don't use your RIGHT lenses on your LEFT eye! You cannot mix the lenses because your eyes are very sensitive and will make your eyes feel very uncomfortable! If you realize you're tearing or suddenly having reddish-ness it's all normal but if the reddish-ness still doesn't heal I suggest you to take them off and if your eyes start to itch, immediately take them off  and please avoid yourself from rubbing your eyes because that's very bad! But yea anyway that's pretty much all! But if you're still unsure about anything do ask me on! I'll  try to answer them okay!! 
Well till here, thanks for reading hope I've helped somehow!! 

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