Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Outing :-)

" Every time you smile, there might be someone crying "
1 January 2014 :
YAHOOOOO! It's the New Year!!! Well time sure past very fast huh for 2013?! Hehehe so let's welcome 2014 with a smile!! And I've basically put behind the bad memories and kept the good ones!! Okay, anyway, went town today to shop a lil bit for school! As usual, typo my fav shop ever had a sale!! Bought myself  some notebook heheehe! Anyway had lunch at PizzaHut! Then walk2 around and headed back home! Hehehe managed to pass a letter to someone special in my heart ( haha lol ) and giving that someone you miss a hug! Haha best feeling ever! In fact greatest way to start off 2014! Hehehe so basically I've so much to do for the upcoming post and I'm so excited!! Are you guys?? Hehehe oh! And tmr will be the day I get to know my confirmation on course and school results! Wish me goodluck for my dream courses! Heheh In sya allah ( with god's will )  And happy schooling to those who has school tmr!!
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