Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to style:

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3rd January 2014:
Hollas! Today's post is going to be about how to style converse high cut shoes!! A requested post from a reader. Before I start, just wanna say thank you so much for reading my blog because It has reached 5.2k readers!! Hehehe so much love for my readers!! Anyway, it's the 3rd today and many of my friends birthday falls today so Happy Birthday to them and to you if your birthday falls today! :) So enough of all that let's get back to the topic!!

Moving on......

So I was asked the other day on how to style converse high cut! It's easy! Because this shoe goes with everything!! Dresses, Jeans, Shorts, Skirts anything!! But personally I like wearing my high cuts with a Jeans and a Skirt!! Cause first, I like going casual, and second I like going girly but still a lil bit boyish and edgy!! But anyway, try not to dress converse with anything very over. Because it's more to the casual side! Or you can style them with a dungaree/overalls
Here are some ways you can style them!! Got these pictures from google! ( thankyou google )

I hope I've helped somehow!!! 
Thanks for reading!

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