Monday, January 27, 2014

hiiiiiix updates

" They said I could be anything I wanted to be, I chose to be happy, and I wake up everyday smiling"
27th January 2014:
Hello my wonderful readers! Thank you so much for still being such a loyal reader and still coming to my blog and reading about my daily ( so called ) post these days. I mean like without ya'll I wouldn't reach till 6.7k in a day! It was just 6.6k yesterday and now it's about to reach 7k!! Omg. So anyway, school today. Yes, school! It was great like usual had so many laughter's with my classmates hehehe never fail to make me smile!! Stayed back after school to finish up my project, thanked god I managed to finished it before deadline!! Anyway, I've been asked what I'll be selling in my FLEA MARKET! Well i'll be selling away my clothes from my blogshop,accessories, bags and many more!! Cheap cheap for sure lah!! hahaha so singlish! So do come and support me okay!! Hehehe I'm so excited !!! Oh and I got to know that my freshmen party falls on 12 Feb!! Awesomeeeeeeee! Alright, I'll blog again when I'm free!! Do ask me questions regarding my flea market on askfm ok! 
Thanks For Reading ;

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