Wednesday, December 11, 2013


"  It's the season to be jolly lalala la lalala "
12 December 2013:
Hahah what a caption there!! Okay so first thing first, did my hair!! Gosh I love how it turned out!! 
Went for rebonding cutting and a treatment! Cost me only $68! Really cheap and good too!! And the hair stylist was really friendly! Hehehe she was nice too!! And the service was fantastic! Alright, just some quick updates! So I launched a gift bag two days ago! Do support me!! It's still going on though!! And guess what Christmas is coming!! And I've been asked why am I looking forward for Christmas. The thing is, I'm not celebrating I just like the holiday and because my dad's side is celebrating Christmas!! That's all! And omg you guys I've alrdy got my Christmas Dress!! Have ya'll gotten your outfit? :p hehehe!! Alright thanks for reading love !!

OKAYYYYYYYY HEYYYYYY! Part 2 of post of the day

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