Thursday, December 26, 2013


" Cause everything you do is magic "

26th December 2013:
Hey!! Omg I'm getting more and more obsessed with these boys! Basically just downloaded more of their songs in my Iphone! Hehehe so much love for it! Anyway, checked for my school and course results! It's still under process though. Damn I hope it's gonna be a "successful" result. If not, die. Haha jk! So anyway, I'm really excited for school though I'm really scared of a new environment! I mean who wouldn't right? But yeah have to be brave!! And to add, New Year is coming!!! That's so fast! It's like another 5 more days!! I'm so gonna miss Secondary School life. :( I've yet to start a new school but I'm already missing SS life. Haish! But that's life huh? We have to move on from where we are eventually. Hmmm! Well I just wanna wish goodluck to those whose going Sec5 or to those whose going Poly/Ite! Remember to study hard okay! Heheh
Thanks For Reading and I love you all 
With love,

Basically just a random photo of my leg AHAHAH

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