Sunday, December 29, 2013


" Whats better than food on the table "
29th December 2013 :
HI! Woa, exactly 3 more days to 2014! That's just fast. Time sure flies fast huh? Haha okay anyways, went out today with my aunt. Lol she wanted me to address her by her name in my blog. AHAHA! So went to had some desserts at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar! First time trying it and I must say it's awesome!!! You guys should try it out!! I went to Vivo's btw. Also had butterscotch drink!! Its so yummy omg!!!!  Hehe so anyway got myself a pair of Vans! Well actually I wanted to get myself superga, but the colour I wanted wasn't avail and their shoes weren't as nice as they are in photos! :(( I'm so disappointed though. But nonetheless I got myself a tribal printed shoes from Vans and I'm so in love with it!! Big thankyou to my aunt for it!! Hehe well basically that's all!! And omg my blog reaching 5k?? It just hit 4k 1 week ago!! Ahhh so happy!! Alright thanks for reading!!!
Love ;

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