Thursday, December 5, 2013

Outing/Updates :-)


* The quality always gets affected when I upload through blogger :( *

5th December 2013:
So yeah as ya'll can see from the video ( if not super sorry ) went out with my babe again today! Hehehe this video is requested from a reader for a follow me around vlog #1! I was super stoked to be doing this vlog!! Whatever I did today is on the vid! And bumped into our schoolmate!! And i'll be doing another one tmr for my short getaway hehehe! I'm not going anywhere too far just around the corner! Going Malacca for a chalet there hehehe! Won't be blogging till I come home this Sunday :( ! Damn haish! But anyway, had a short photo session today and for my blog! I've been requested to post more pictures in my blog but I decided why not I do a video instead? Hehehe yup it'll be up soon just wait for me to tweet about it! Hehehe! Oh! And had Marble Slab for the first time! It was heaven indeed! Thanks to my babe for the belated birthday treat! hehehehe!! And yes if you want to try Marble Slab go ahead! It's really nice!! And for my #ootd, I got my denim from Far East Plaza, Skirt from Cotton On, Shoes from Vans and my bag from Bangkok! Basically that's all for today!! Do watch the video through your computer! Do enjoy the pics!
Alright till here,
Love Ya'll

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