Monday, December 30, 2013

Outings :-)

" If you knew what would happen next in life, are you prepared to face it?"
30th December 2013:
Hey, the second last post for 2013! Alright, anyway, went to town with my clique ( accept sya haish ) cause her mum didn't let her out. Anyways, met up with my two girls today! Been so long since I saw najla haha miss you girl! We hugged in public and people were looking muahaha! So then headed to eighteen chef for lunch! Then Irfan ( zylah's date ) tagged along! At first it was pretty awkward but he's a cool guy! Hahah and extremely annoying! So then walk-walk and basically as usual took selfies! I had another plan today but it didn't happened. Though I was really looking forward to it, haish but nvm. So anyway, saw some people I know today!!! Hahaha! So basically that's all! Haha alright then till here!
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