Friday, December 20, 2013

Outing :-)

" Fashion is Love "
20th December 2013 :
Hey! Wow time sure flies fast now does it? Hahaha! It's alrdy coming to the end of the year!! Anyway, I got my results yesterday! Though I'm kind of disappointed with my English results, I still think in overall I did my best. And to those who've passed congrats!! And to does who didn't it's not the end!! Okay enough of that!!  So basically today, I went out with my clique, as usual met Sya first to get starbucks!! YUMS!! Then met up with Zylah Hehehe finally after idk how many weeks we met again!! Gave them a big hug!! We didn't really ate, just me ( hehe ) then played T or D at Mandarin Gallery then had a great time laughing and all!! Took photos too! And oh! We met two really nice girls today that helped us took a photo!! Got their twitter too :P Then we just walked around and window shopped! Saw some of my twitter followers too though. Then charged our phones :P heheh oh! We also had florick today!! Town was super happening today!!! Heheh alright that's all for today's post!!
Oh and just to say my blog has reached 4 thousand readers over the past 2/3 months!!! And i'm so so happy and blessed!! Thank you so much to all those who've been reading my blog and giving me good feedbacks!! I hope you continue reading it!! 
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