Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Outing :-)

" They say, once you learn to love someone despite their imperfections, they are all you want "

10th December 2013 :
Sooooooo! Headed to Clark Quay to collect my pay then had sometime alone and went to Starbucks to try the pepermint Mocha!! OMG YUMMY!! MUST TRY! Then went out with my primary school bestie !! Yes!! I miss her so much!! Finally we got to catch up on things had a good laugh and all! Went to town with her after I got my pay ( hehehe ) then headed for lunch at the usual place. Then went to shop a little!! I got myself this really pretty knitted pullover in bugis and omg you guys it's a combination of my two fav clr!! Omg screams!! When I first saw it I was like omg omg it's so pretty!! So I just grabbed it!! Cost me $15 like what?? Oh and I also got myself earrings!! 3 for $5 at bugis!! Pictures below btw!! AND I SAW AN EIFFLE TOWER EARRING OMG OMG !!! Grabbed it too!! Well basically that's all for today! Had a really hard time communicating with my friend though today due to my voice :( !! 
Oh and btw, I want to know what else you babes expect from my blog!! Do askfm me okay so I can try my best to make my blog a better reading site for ya'll babes! 
hehehe love ya'll!
Alright till here babes ;
Thanks for reading 

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